Jul 17

Redis, ingame IDE

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Without a better title to relate, my first english blogpost:

My last action concerning UGamela has been cloning Microsofts redis for Windows repository. I’m quite happy that I found prebuilt libraries in there, I really don’t want to install Visual Studio just to compile this database. Still, I’m glad MS is supporting this! The production will probably run on a linux machine, that’s the ideal hosting for redis.

So it is decided: redis will be database foundation. A simple key-value store which works in memory and can be dumped to harddisk.

Also I’m working with Backbone at my work as webdeveloper (still as a student, but yeah, I’ve got a job as javascript developer!) and I will probably use it in UGamela as a framework. Also, Twitter Bootstrap helps me -not being a designer- making a nice interface.

Then I got this insane idea to have a full fledged developer admin front-end with CodeMirror, but that might be just my wish to have a better javascript development environment. Still, it would be nice to code the game in the game^^ – a game content creator, which will need imba security, because it probably won’t work without evil eval().

I’m not sure if I should spend time on it, it might speed up the rest of the development.

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